My way to the Prom (+PhotoDiary n.1)

Hello people!
For last two or three weeks I had been a bad blogger. I didn´t do any posts or if I did they were up on totally different day as they were originaly supossed to be. The reasson behind all that was a PROM!
 I had prom last friday that is already a week ago (I cant believe it run away so fast) and I had A LOT of stuff to do and get ready for that night. Not only that I had to take care of my look, but also in Slovakia there is a tradition that on the prom we all (graduants) get a green ribbon that is a symbol of graduants and then students make a little program for everyone who came to watch this whole ceremony. My class...well... we made it a really original a funny. Really, if you were there you would die from laughter. Plus my class, we decided to make a movie that recapitulates the time we spent together.
The whole night was really relaxed, original and full of fun. Obviously we got a little emotionl every now and then but that is a part of it.
And in this post I decided to share with you my experience of how I got ready for this big night and probably next friday I´ll share more of profesional photos that we will get delivered from photographer.
 Firstly.... a few days before THE night I went to cosmetic saloon and I got my eyebrows done. I also let them take care of my "not so pretty" sideburns and now they are "oh so pretty". On thursday I did my nails. I originally wanted to get them done by profesionals and I wanted a gel nails, but since I play on flute and I have a week before big christmas concert and it is almost impossible for me to play with long nails, I decided to do it that classic way and do them myself.
 On friday I tried to sleep as long as possible. That means like 7 o´clock. Not too long but longer then usual ahah. So when I got out of my bed there were a few congratulations waiting for me already. THANKS everyone. I had a nice breakfast while my sister left to hairdresser and an hour after my mom left as well. While that I was trying to get some inspiration for my hair and make-up. I also read ACUPOFSTYLEs post about Nikols prom.
 Me and my classmates, we thought we could save some money and not order a cakes and all that snack type of food to be done by profesionals, instead our moms and grandmoms baked for us. These are cakes my mom and I did. And at 9 o´clock my friend picked me up and we drove to school with all the cakes.
 I was supossed to be at hairdressers at 12 but she called me that I can come earlier so we don´t have to hurry then and we will have more time. So it was 10:30 when we started. I wanted her to do some braids on one side and bring all the hair to one side in messy curls. It worked. It looked pretty cool. I was actually kinda sad when I had to take the braids down. But my hair looked so cool and curly after I dismantled them.
And make-up....I did it myself. I thought like, ok it is a special occasion and it would deffinitelly look better if I got it done but it also might not. I am really picky at what make-up I´d wear and I was scared that I would not like it, so I used my skills. It actually turned out pretty good. I did a brown smokey look and added gold and white into my inner corners. Obviously I did a winked eyeline and also I went for a bit braver lip look. I dont usually wear lipstick but I did applied some red- ish on this time.
Whole night was wonderfull and my classmates also surprised me with this wonderfull bouquet of flowers. It was like thank you bouquet. I was taking care of most of that program I mentioned earlier so they wanted to show me they really do appreciate it. And I´d like to thank them for it one more time.

And thats probably it. I will show you what I wore and how much fun we had there as soon as I get those photos.
I hope you liked. And thank you sooo much if you read all that text and you got all the way here.
Yes it was really long post this time and I wrote hell a lot of words, but there was so much I wanted to share with you. Especially if you are still just before that big night. I hope it kinda helped you.
At the end I´d like to say that you should just enjoy that whole day and have fun. Dont take anything too serious and keep calm.

Thanks and XoXo
DeniVev :*

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