Holiday Seasson

There is no need to point out that is that wonderfull time of the year called CHRISTMAS! And yes it is my fav seasson of all. I love it because of all those wonderfull decorations, unbelievable spirit and mood, music, friends and family get togethers , food and ok lets be real, who does not like getting presents?!
And I put together a few photos of things I love about this time of a year so I hope you´ll enjoy and if you are still not in that christmas spirit (as one of my besties- HI KARIN :P ) then I hope this will help you.

You probably already know that I love baking. I am kinda obsessed with trying new things. But there is something about baking christmas biscuits and gingerbreads that makes me super-duper happy :)

Lights in generous are incredible decor for your interior because it makes any room look much warmer and cosier.

I am a  presents wrapping PRO.

 Our oh so classy decorations that I just cant decide if I like them or not.

 And Michael Bubles Christmas album is absolutely fantastic!

DeniVev :*

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