Festive Look of my Chummy

Meet my Chummy Everyone ! This weekend I did this wonderful make-up to my friend and we did a little photoshooting ! I thought I´ll share this look with you because I love it  ;)
 First I used Powder AVON ColorTrend. Then I used blush from VEVAY palette. After that I always fill in eyebrows. I used my essence blonde eyebrow pencil. I decided to go for smokey eyes using VEVAY palette. I used brown, beige and silver color first. I applied white shadow to inner corner to make an effect of bigger eyes (not that my chummy needs it), black eyeliner from AVON super extend. I wanted to do something different and festive. SO I added a gold eyeliner from inner corner making kinda ombre effect between black and gold. I set gold eyeliner using gold shadow from palette. I absolutely love AVON MegaEffects mascara so I used it on chummy too. After that I applied powder again and I finished it off by using a red miss sporty lipstick in 059 high red.
Do you like this make-up look?! I do and let me know in the comments bellow what you think please :)

And we also did a little bit different make-up look. When I say a little bit I mean TOTALLY different :D We had kinda late Halloween so I hope you like this look as well.

DeniVev :*

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