My dream

I dream. I am a dreamer. Anyone close to me knows that. Or anyone reading my blog for that matter. One of my favorite things to picture in my head is my future house. HOME. I had a talk about this with someone special. What home actually means. It isn' t necessarily a place. Nothing you can touch. It is about a feeling someone can give you. Attachment, Peace, Happiness....
I still do have a bit of a materialist in me though. There are things that make all that magical feeling a person gives you seem right. For me its mix of materials. Anything that makes you feel warmer around your closest. That includes light. Well what if I just show you. I actually found this place that looks absolutely perfect. Space I can imagine myself all loved up with someone special.

Also adding few sentimental touches. I can see myself have place with photographs of family and friends, painting by my friends, little gifts from close once etc. That is one of things I fell for in this flat. You have warm cosy textures mixed with luxury. 

 I mean did you just see how gorgeous that space is?! Can you even take in all of it? I think I just felt in love. For second time. Haha.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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