How do you choose tho

I love fashion. Shocker right?! Yes I am trying to be funny and sarcastic. Welcome to random rumbles of Deni the DeniVev haha. No now seriously. One of my favorite parts of the day, except for the one where you finally go to bed, is dressing up to finally get out the house.
This might be surprising to some but I really dont spend all my day in gigantic hoodies with laptop in my lap and loud music on. Ay I said.. not ALL day, okay?

Now I spent my whole childhood wishing I was grown up and could dress myself. Now that I actually have to do so I am struggling on some occasions. Like for real. How do you combine all those colors in my closet. You know.. black, grey and burgundy is so hard to put together. Jokes. Again. Yeah I will stop now, dont worry.
I always feel like I am wearing same stuff over and over. I did started taking photos of some outfits though to see if I can try to be original and even wear clothes I havent wore in ages.

 Shopping day with girls:
sneakers NIKE
tights, dress, scarf  PRIMARK
jacket TK MAXX
vest forgot ops 
 College gyal:
vest FORGOT where from sorry
shirts both H&M
leggings and chocker PRIMARK
shoes TK MAXX
 Teddy bears go to college:
Jacket, scarf, skirt and bag PRIMARK
sweater that you cant see H&M
 Girlie works sometime:
Skirt, tights PRIMARK
hoodie NEW LOOK
 No sleeves for work:
vest still not sure where from
dress H&M
tights, chocker PRIMARK
shoes NEW LOOK they had to be switched tho as they were too high haha
Female barbers really exist:
jeans, hoodie NEW LOOK
sneakers NIKE
shirt H&M
jacket TK MAXX

See how it all just repeats. Same stuff and colors. Man I need to switch up my look.

What bout you? Do you suffer with boring outfits as well? Or is it just me? oh.

Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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