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I am pretty proud bout the hair creations I do, but those who know me have pretty good idea of how critical I can be at the same time. I always find something I would change. Even if it is just a use of one more product at styling or different comb to do a haircut. Always something. I do know this is good, even my lecturer says this is how critical she is of her work. Still. After all the time.
Thats why whenever someone asks me bout my favorite hair I did or style I just pause. I love it all. I did still try to choose my TOP 5 I created this year (female hairstyles only this time).
 Single braids for this crazy English lady that left me for life in Australia. Very special person with a hairstyle not just any Caucasian girl can pull off. She does it so well tho. This was actually first time I did single braids. We were inbetween thoughts of Marley twists which are my fave and I still have to try them out, and single braids. As we knew she was leaving and moving to different country we chose easier to upkeep style. As far as I know it lasted her 2 month or so. I do know they shouldn' t stay in for that long but ay. She loved every second of them so. Yay. 
 This is another special client of mine. Became close friend of mine now. She messaged me ages ago saying how she keeps up with all my work and really wants me to do her hair one day. At that time she was pregnant with her little daughter so I didn' t want to mess around with her hair too much. That way though we had few months to figure out what we wanted to do. We then went from really washed out and out grown blue to this pink heaven. Was definitely one of my proudest moments haha. Now we are planing big change again. We wanna go blonde. Well I am sure I will keep you updated on this one.
 Silvers and grays were huge trend this year. I already wrote bout it here. This was first head I did this style on though. My client came with tiny soul asking if I could change her brassy gold blond with root regrowth into something white almost silver. Well at least. I managed to give her gorgeous silver with slight effects of lilac and icy blue. Also added my favorite - smudge root- that gives her extra few weeks worth of great hair. Since then we went grayer, then into nice lilac color and now we thinking of something new again.
 This smiley face is my youngest lady client. We already know we will have a lot of fun together as we share same love for crazy colors. Don' t worry her mum is fully on board with it. For now anyways haha. This was our first try. As she still goes to school - of course- we went for suttle lightening at the ends and pink over. nothing too crazy but it did give my little client sassy feel. Next we tried purple ends and we have planned out some single braids now. Maybe cornrows even. Told you we will have fun. 
This is the mummy I mentioned in previous picture. Do you understand why we all on board with crazy colors? Haha. This amazing woman became my client and we straight up knew we are on the same page as far as her hair goes. I am having some hard time with her as she looks gorgeous with curly hair, yet she insist otherwise. Ah, the though life of a hairstylist. This pictured hair do is actually my creation for a college competition. She was nice enough to be my model. Thanks to her amazing head of hair and open mind I won first place. That way I am going to the next regional comp and she will of course come with me. So let' s see what we come up with this time.

Which one of these is your favorite? I really did enjoy working on all of my clients this year and I am so thankful for their crazy minds. Oh and loyalty. Oh wow. This year was definitely a year where I realized what loyalty really was.  So thank you all.

Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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