Cleanse your mind and help your body

Help your body or feel like you are about to pass out?! I go through both stages within 10 minutes of my, now pretty daily runs. It is obvious that in most cases it really is amazing for your body to run. Great work out. My reason why I started years ago is that it helps my head. I really do clear my mind.
The only thing i focus on is my breath. The regular -sometime worryingly irregular- sound of my own body. Nothing else. Keeping it all same. Giving myself new targets and goals to get to. And I do love seeing my daily progress.
I couldn' t do it without music though. I need something to keep me pumped up and going. Some good beat. It always changes. I think I have a new set of songs every week. Maybe even more often then that. Lately it was more of  London roadman kinda vibe. At least thats how I would try to classify it. Are you listening to something whilst running? Or are you one of those silent runners?

And a lot more and more songs. This is actually only a little pick from my todays playlist haha.
What do you think about running? Doesn' t it help a lot of problems? Or at least makes them feel smaller?
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :* 

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