Be Positive. At least a bit.

I was cruising round with my boyfriend the other day. He pointed out something I didn' t really realize bout myself before. I have moments when I just giggle. A lot. I try being happy and positive so much. All the  time. Especially in situations that get a bit too serious to me. It is as if I had this safe system inside of me. A setting that goes into giggle mode the second I get anxious at certain situations.
Now I know I try to be positive. This is a characteristics a lot of people appreciate about me. Some of my friends know that in their stressful situations or any hard times, they need me around. To lighten the mood, make them feel positive, okay, like nothing big is happening. But looks like it does get out of control sometimes.

I realized that it is okay to be serious. It is alright to have a straight face. Not everyone needs cheering up. Sometimes people do need some space to stay in their grown up mode. The moment that gets me worried the most about people though is when I see them closing up. Keeping all those thoughts and problems inside. Not sharing or talking about them. I used to be that way. I kept everything for myself. Actually, I still do that most of the time. But I can make them look like a little tiny negative thing in a day. Instead of growing it in my brain. Making it look like the end of the world or overthinking.  It works. Usually. Of course there are things that get stuck in you. That is when even I have a straight face on. But usually you really do see me keeping the mood up. Smiley, happy and positive. On the outside anyways.
This is something I changed bout myself through 2016. I stopped caring bout some and started focusing on other. Making sure I always find something funny and good about situations. Suddenly the awkward moments seemed like nothing, the stressful things like exams or so became no problem or my anxieties became bearable and I am now able to get through them within few minutes. I just changed the angle I look at things. I try to keep positive and happy not only on the outside.
You don' t just see me giggle and laugh on the outside. It isn' t just my protective mechanism anymore. It is my mindset.
Problems have always been around. People will always annoy you. There will always be something that will try to hold you down or bring you there. It is just about you being you and staying true to it. Seeing things as they are but not making big things of them.
Try it and you will see that suddenly that guy you like will compliment on your smile. Your girls will be asking bout highlighter you use as you will shine like a star. Just please give it a go.

Let me know how it goes....

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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