When the fluff is right

I always dreamed of nice soft faux fur coat, or something fluffy, teddy bear like or peacock looking. I know my names to these coats are priceless. And I never really found something that wouldn' t triple my size or empty my savings. Until now of course.

I found this cross of fluffy and teddy bear like. I love it. It does make me look bigger but I got to the stage where I didn' t even care anymore haha. It was so soft and comfy I had to have it.Plus into the best part... It is only from Primark and cost 20 quid. Great isn' t it?

 I absolutely love wearing it. Just add whatever else that keeps you warm and you be good haha.
There are hundreds of ways to wear it and where to wear it to. You can head to grocery shop or to gala. You choose the combination. 

Body con dress, €30 / Fur coat, €2,34 / Black boots, €48 / Chanel purse, €5.040 / CLUSE leather watch, €76 / Vero Moda long scarve, €15 / Lipstick, €48

DO you like these coats?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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