We all have that kitty inside us

Yes! I am doing this again. Since Halloween is round the corner and we all know that somewhere deep inside even those most conservative people what to dress up once in a while I thought I´ll share with you one of the easiest looks you could go for. It is pretty much a cliche by now and I have done a cat look a year ago as well, but hey! There are so many options really! And since I mentioned those conservative types - this look would be great for those too. It looks like a classic make-up with just few specific touches that remind of this cute little pet.

In case  you would like to go more into the character the tutorial from last year might be more of your thing.

And as far as outfits go, I did try to put a little inspiration into this years tutorial. I wore my black and white playsuit from REBELIOUS and my animal print flats. But obviously you can wear whatever you want. People do tend to go for black outfits but I thought I´ll give you a few more options.
After all it is all about you, whether you like that cute look or super hot one more. If you´d like to go all out with a costume or with clothes from everyday wardrobe. You can even get inspired by Ariana Grande who gives us endless cat looks on everyday bases.
Just have fun really! Enjoy yourself!
Let me know what you´d where! Would you go for simple look or you´d rather go all out?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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