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I am reading a lot of blogs! That is pretty usual statement. I am sure I wrote it million times before. But there are only a few blogs I keep going back to. Only a few ladies I kept keeping up with as I was growing up and getting older. Or as I was becoming a woman like them, I may say.
One of them is actually my style crush. Big one! Carrie from Wish Wish Wish! 

First thing I loved about her and her style back in a day was that retro feel. She would dress up in 50´s or 70´s style. Wear amazing vintage pieces. Hair Ups, crazy original shoes... Really unique in the world of blogging. Lately she has been changing slightly but she sure kept that little something of hers that still makes her stick outside the crowd.

 Is it only me or do you also see those similarities in our style, ahha. Yeah I do get inspired by Carrie but hey, this is a post about my style crush after all.
And did I mention her perfect eyeliner? After a while of studying her make-up looks I decided to master my eyeliner and to be honest I think I´m doing pretty good now ahah.

 Did you notice them kitty flats?! Remember the once I used to have? Yea, you guest it, this is where my love for them came from. No don´t get me wrong, I wasn´t copying or anything, it is just that I found a few bloggers or celebrities whose style I like and redid it to fit me, my lifestyle and figure. That is how you can find your own style after all.
Oh and it might seem from photos I have chosen -all of them are from Carries blog- that she only wears neutrals. Not true! She knows how to do color-unlike me. I guess it is time to get inspired from her more colorful looks then.
What do you think about Carrie? Have you ever read her blog? If not, what are you waiting for? It really is worth checking. Plus she will give you the biggest urge to travel! Trust me. It is kinda dangerous ahah.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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