Am I obsessed or just Weird

We make wishes every day. We shop all the time. It is just the way we are. And often we combine those two. Especially us women. We wish for clothes and other things we´d like to buy. But do we end up buying them? Well let´s see how far I´ll be able to go with my current wishlist.

This time it isn´t just any list. I did find a lot of bloody expensive and real high end pieces that I can´t get my mind off of. These are just a few of them. Starting from the top. Black lacy jumpsuit and junky sweater are both from StyleMoi and are just under $30. I would actually love to combine these two pieces. the laced part would be just a tiny surprise for anyone who´d get a chance to see it or my own little secret nicely covered by that knit.
I am big on clutches and mixing of textures. No surprise that this one from Lulus got my full attention. This style is actually everywhere at the moment. I think I have seen it over at H&M the other day too. Even though this piece isn´t that expensive I know I can diy it so I´ll might end up doing so at the end. End them shoes! Junky heel, blue velvet, flower, .. hmm. Sounds like heaven doesn´t it. Well it is pretty expensive heaven by Laurence Dacade but I´m sure they´ll be mine one day. In the future. Pretty far future. But it will happen ahaah.
Staying at the shoes department. I have always loved adidas as a brand and I remember wanting this classic original style of sneakers since I was probably 12. Had a lot of dupes and copies ever since but I decided that next time I wear THIS style it be real. And I think it is obvious by now that I have a thing for red/burgundy lately. As fall gets on it is all I want to accessories my outfits with. Of course these heels by Aquazzura would not keep my feet warm. NOT AT ALL, but they´d be so worth it!
Talking bout burgundy! I love over-sized anything lately! I mean COMFORT! ahah. So no wonder I have loads of big sweaters already and I am craving more. I even love to wear them as dresses with non see through tights and possibly some boots or sneakers. And this red sweater would be perfect for that. Oh and there wouldn´t be any better choice of outwear to put over the sweater then this beautiful and so cosy looking coat . They are both from H&M so I know that the quality is amazing for sure!
Since I mentioned quality and outwear... Isn´t this coat from Lulus to die for?! Would keep you warm and stylish at any time. I had actually tried a lot of coats of this style by now but still didn´t find THE ONE! I better hurry otherwise I´d be wearing it from February ahah.
And okay this blue beeeautiful skirt would not keep me too warm but I´d sure look stylish. But seriously isn´t it amazing?! I found it over on Lulus and had to put it here.
Back to burgundy and more expensive stuff. Them shoes by Fendi are the cutest and weirdest thing at the same time I have seen in a while. Love slip on-s! They are my life. I did want some crazy once so I guess these are perf for me, aren´t they?! And let´s have a moment of silence for Emilio Pucci please! This genius made THE hat I need! Like I need it now! Great color for fall, perfect detail, shape and size are all i could ask for and THE material! Yaasss ahahah
Everyone should have a little black skirt in their wardrobe. It is such a versatile piece but isn´t as boring and traditional as LBDs we all know about. I also believe that sparkle/sequin/glitter are must for every womens closet. And when you can combine it into ONE! Oh me, oh my! Vero Moda did it right and made this wrap around beauty. Please somebody! Early Christmas present?! ;) Or let´s keep it casual and comfy, as I do lately and feel free to buy me these OnPlina sweats. I am a big fan of people who are embracing wearing joggers styled up and hitting town or shops. I am actually becoming one of them and I sure need a bigger collection of representative sweats. 

Anyways, what are your current must haves and things your heart is going to die for?! Let me know. Maybe you´ll get me obsessed.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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