My True Colors

Many of you probably already know them. You know, my true colors. The ones I wear all the time. Buy every single time and can´t stop. Yea I am pretty much an opened book and predictable one too.
So my todays outfit will be no surprise to you. Also I feel like my blog is turning into look how many ways I can style the same piece of clothes. The reason being is this sheer top from Primark I got a year ago for Liverpool Fashion Week. Ever since I wore it bilion times and I´m still loving it.
 One of the reasons might be the fact that I got emotionally attached now. First time I wore it I was with friend of mine who is unfortunately not with us anymore (god bless her soul, my baby) . That is why a thought of not wearing it or trowing it out scares me. SO I get as much use of it as possible.
It also has sort of a pattern so I really like to mix it up with other prints and add a tiny pop of color- well as much of a pop as I can lol. So I wore my animal print flats that I still can´t say goodbye to. They are slowly falling apart and it is getting bit cold for them ,but I just can´t seem to be able to let them go. 

Black jeans and leather jacket are basic pieces that no closet should be missing. That is why I think I  should invest into them a bit more next time I get them. These pieces are only from Primark. The quality is surprisingly great and prize was amazing but since I wear them on daily bases I think I really should get better quality next time.
 By the way, what do you think about my fedora? I am not sure I shared this one with you before. Guess where I bought it.... Primark ahah. Of course. But I mean I don´t wear it all the time so spending 9 quid on it seemed just enough and it is sooo pretty. It is just that I see people wear hats, fedoras etc. so many ways and basically with everything, but the moment I put it on I feel like it doesn´t go with the outfit. Maybe it is my hair that there is too much going on then. I don´t know. I just need to properly get used to it I guess.
You know what thought?! There is no need for me to get used to my suede blue bag. I am obsessed. Blue is my favorite color and even though it is a dark bag it does bring a bit of interest and color to the overall looks.
 Oh I just love layering. It wasn´t cold enough for my faux fur scarf but trust me if it was I´d be rockin it ahaha. I think this outfit is so simple, casual but somewhat chic. I mean you can´t ever really go wrong with something like this, can you? 

What about you? What are your pride possessions? Is there something you can´t stop wearing or any color you find yourself wear all the time?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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  1. Beautiful outfit! I absolutely love this look! I'm also so obsessed with your handbag too! Have a great weekend lovely, El xx xx


    1. Aw thanks El, you´re so sweet. Enjoy your week luv. The bag is only from STORM in St.Johns by the way. xx


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