Am too Excited Bout this

There is something calming about clean and light spaces. Now I can´t imagine myself living in such bright and empty space - since I was born and raised in packed and super colorful home- but I absolutely adore this style of interior.
The other day I was browsing tumblr- as I do- and found this place somewhere in Germany and felt in love with those little details not everyone can see or feel. And the fact that they added them fairy lights every here and there- the best decoration for night time- and it maks whole space feel more home-alike.

Already in the hallway you see beautiful Aztec printed carpet that makes me really happy. That letter table adds something old to the space and brings its own story. And blue lamp is not only practical but adds pop of color. This is a simple way of adding color without being too much. Maybe you can also notice that map above the table. Another way to add something colorful, interesting and sort of artistic.
 The tiles in the kitchen are practical - super easy to clean- but also retro looking. And in the combination with those metal lights... YES! Little greenery to add that earthy feel. I am also really in love with the little color you might ot notice at first - carpets. Of course they have a purpose cause you don´t want your feet to freeze, but there is a bonus since they are so nice.
 Guess what excites me about this probably breakfast area?! Yes, fairy lights! As I mentioned they add something describable and everything seems more home- alike to me when you got them. And then that map on the wall! Adds curios touch. And a color ;) Another brilliant way of adding something  extra is getting fresh flowers. Not only that you can change up atmosphere by having different color every week or so, but you can literally make them a statement of everything.
 All the lights! Especially big silver- mirror like- globe light makes me excited ahah. Then adding extra mirror always makes the room look bigger. That is old and classy trick but I feel like there still to many people who don´t know bout it. Printed, Snugly and even furry throws and carpets. Never enough of those. And look at that old beautiful wooden floor. There is something bout them . I don´t know why anyone would want to like cover it or something.
And as a cherry on top of this multi room you can simply add colorful little decorations or pictures. And I mean you can never go wrong with a drawing or John Lennon.
 Adding a bit of industrial touch is also a good idea. Such get a bed made out of old water pipes ahah. Don´t forget bout greenery and adding pop of color with the prettiest carpet I have seen today. I am actually on a serious hunt for one like this that won´t be over 100 pound lol.
Don´t forget bout exterior. There is nothing better then having a nice summer breakfast out on a porch or balcony, trust me! So make it as cozy as possible. Some soft cushions, herbs in pots, flowers and wood. Oooh yeah.

 What do you think about this space? What makes you wanna smile? Or is it only me who feel this passionate bout home decor? ahah
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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