Bright and Striped

I have done a lot of thinking whether I should go down this way in this post or not. But then I found the connection and had to do it.
The main point of what I want to talk about is : "Do what YOU want to do!". Of course unless it is against law. Then I am all against that ahah.
I have been into this way of thinking for a while now and I couldn´t be happier about this decision. I put the saying into my fashion style and into my life. The first reason I am mentioning it is the outfit I wore the other day.

I have combined classic pieces with for some people too revealing piece. It is my DIY-d crop top that actually shows off whole side of your bra and your body. Plus since it is cropped it also reveals your tummy unless you wear high wasted clothes with it. Now I did wear high wasted skirt that is actually almost midi length- so my body was pretty covered. When it comes to outfits like this I always think "Ok, I am showing this part of body so nothing else can be really revealed!". After all less is more. To me anyways.
 This crop top is something most of the people I know would consider to be too much. They would probably not even wear it! It isn´t anything too hot or scandalous or whatever but people judge! We all know that. That is the reason why I am mentioning this top with the saying I wrote at the beginning of the post. Do you, babe! Wear what ever you want to wear! Even if you are still in that age where your parents kind of control your wardrobe, you can still find a way to put yourself into it. My mum never really controlled me or she never said what I can and can´t wear. In my case she was usually the one buying the clothes so she kind of did it that way. Now I am finally in the age wear I can start really expressing myself and trying out stuff. Also it is the age where I can still do whatever I want with my outfits.
And as far as "Do what ever YOU want" comes in my life....
I can´t believe how many people I know create their whole life based on what others want from them. Either it is parents telling them what to wear or what to study or girls deciding what they´ll do on Friday night based on their boyfriends plans. I can´t watch this anymore. As far as men goes, unless I am married and my kids are being involved in the conversation or I am being irrational cause of hormones I am not going to change my plans or make them based on a man. I am my own human being that has a brain that can work on its own and is capable of making its own decisions.
The same with parents. I love my parents! I always respected them and to be honest, out of all my friends I was the one who actually took my parents rules seriously and I wasn´t just scared bout breaking them. I hated the thought of being that kid that would break them. And then I got to that age where I had to make decisions about my life and future. Those serious thoughts, you know. And I realized it is MY life! WOW! Thought of the year, right? Why would I do something I don´t want?! I feel said to say that a lot of people around me build their life or are building it based on what someone else wants. Usually their parents. This is a moment I would ask their parents, why they do that! Why are they trying to make their kids, their creations their future into something they are not! So the kids can blame everything that went wrong in their lives on them later on?!
Just something little to think about.
 On a bit of a lighter note. What do you think about these crop tops/ muscle tanks?! Are you a friend or no? Do you even wear them? I personally just started wearing them. They are so comfy and amazing for hot summer days when you don´t want to feel like a sweaty trash lol.
Outfit details: Skirt and bag is from PRIMARK, shirt is DIY out of Mens PRIMARK shirt, shoes are old flats from Auchan in Budapest/Hungary, Second Hand jacket that you saw way too many times, Sunnies are also PRIMARK(surprised?!) and bracelet was a gift bought in Nigeria. For info about my lips check This lovely post.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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