Wishlist for late Winter Days

I am definitely more of a winter person then a summer one, but I have been craving some sun these days. But that did not stop me from checking H&M, TopShop or any other store online and making a list of thinks I would still like to get! Most of them are pretty spring related though. I just can´t wait ahah. I mean NOW! Is there anyone willing to donate some money?! Thank youuu ;)
 I have been looking for a great backpack for some time now and this one that is two in one seems to be perfect. You know me and my sunglasses. I can´t get enough of them. I also want to finally try this strapy sandals trend so I am doing my research.
 I have a thing for a nice underwear and for some reason I am really thinking of buying a nice nightwear. Also I need to replace my denim jacket. Do you know about any goods?! And you can never have enought of classy black pumps, little black skirts that can actually be a statement in an outfit or white warm coats.
 Another thing I feel like I need in my life is a good hat/fedora. Love them and I need them! And definitely more stripes and slip ons! ahah
Told ya! Underwear and sunglasses! My thing at the moment. Also I am really loving a sporty-elegance so defo need some more pieces in that style.

What is on your wishlist at the moment?! Is there something you are on a hunt for?! Leave a comment and maybe we can help each other out ;)
Until next time , keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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