Miss Potter and the Greatest View

No Miss Potter and the Greatest View is not the book that I dream of writing. But it does sound great doesn´t it?!
Anyways, I have been out and about with my dad today and whilst exploring our new hometown we found this park (Everton park) where you get the most beautiful view of Liverpool you can imagine. You can see almost everything. Especially the L1 city center area. To be honest I would be still standing there right now if it wasn´t so cold out today.

Now the whole bonus of today was, that we had a nice sunny day. Thank of that we saw everything all the way to Mersey river and even beyond that. And another good fact was that I got to wear my Primark sunnies that make me feel like Miss Potter. So, win for everyone. Or nah?! What?!
 We have planned on finding this place for some time now and now that we finally did I am sure I´ll be back sometime soon. In case you live in Liverpool or you will ever be in city this is one of the spots you should not miss. It is also really easy to get there by car so NO excuses!
Is there any place in Liverpool you like the most and would recommend me to visit? Let me know.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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