Comfy Wednesday

1:40 PM

We all have days when we wear the comfiest clothing we own and we ain´t give the f*! I am having those kind of days pretty often lately but there is nothing wrong about that, is there?! And I bought myself a lot of sweat pants and that sort of indoor wear in last two months so I thought I´ll show you my fav and definitely most worn comfy combo, since this is what I practically lived in for last couple of weeks.

Fluffy socks are my essential during winter time. I don´t know how anyone can live without them. These black glittery once were a gift for last Christmas and they are still one of my tops!
These grey sweatpants with cool fading effect are my newest addition to the collection. I like their fit and the fact they have pockets. Many of my pants don´t and I find that too irritating.
And the top is my old well known shirt from Cropp Town that I absolutely love as you can see in my almost every other ootd post aahha.

Is it too weir that I am sharing THIS kind of "Outfit" with you?! Oh well.... you know me.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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