Perfect Duo for Face

Perfect and almost flawless skin had been a key to my winter make-up routine. Having that one product that you know you can count on is almost like a blessing. I have been really into this one by AVON and I really don´t know how I could possibly forget about owning it. Also there is nothing nicer and more flattering than nice full and shaped eyebrows. For that I have my treasured tool as well so keep reading to know  bit more.
I am a fan of AVON as you could already realize from the amount of products I own from this cosmetic brand. SO it is no surprise that I felt in love with one of their make up foundations. I actually have this product for a while now but I have been so into that BB cream craziness I didn´t pay enough attention to anything else. At the second half of December my face got real bad. I have pimples, redness and under eye circles. Didn´t know why, all I knew was that I need to cover it all. So I took a random foundation I found in my beauty collection and that was the moment. That is when I realize I totally sold my soul to a product. Light, Feels super natural but covers everything I need to be covered. Plus I know it wasn´t too expensive so if you are looking for something great under 7 € go for it! Oh and did I mention it stays on for real long?! 
Framing my eyes with a nice eyebrow is my must do for almost two years now so obviously I had to find the perfect way to do so and THE product. I found eyebrow pencil by essence that works absolutely the best. It was first product for my brows I ever bought and ever since then I was through a lot of others. Every single time I came back to my essence pencil. There is just nothing better. Easy to use, lasts long, stays on for whole day or night and you don´t pay 20 pounds for it. It is only 1.50 €! 
What are your two beauty products you can´t live without?! What is something you always have to do?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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