OOTD: Double power in the Capital

Hello loves! Today I have made a bit different OOTD post for you, because I won´t be the only one sharing my outfit with you. I have a little guest- my sister- whom I went to Bratislava for Christmas markets with some time ago. We took some pics for you to show our simple and comfy looks. Also this is a perfect post to show our love for canvas tote bags ahah.

I wore really simple outfit that has a girly touch and I used some layers to make sure I am okay all day long. Flat boots are also pretty smart step in this situation and canvas totes can hold everything I need. This outfit is sooo me and sums up my style perfectly.
I wore: F&F jeans (as always), Primark coat, H&M hoodie, Gate blouse, H&M necklace, Primark boots and scarf, The Blogger Programme canvas tote bag.

My sister has a simple sporty style and she also went for loads of layers. Pairing sneakers with classy and semi-elegant clothes is a huge trend and this is her version of it.
 She wore: Nike Air Max LUNAR 90 sneakers, H&M coat, New Yorker pants, Gate shirt, Tally Weijl button up and Tiger canvas tote bag. Glasses are Lacoste

 What would you wear for a Christmas markets or for an all day long shopping and wonder around trip?!
You can find my sis here: Klari-Net tumblr
You can find both of us here: De-Ka-Licious
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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