What do you carry around?!

I came out with something new for my blog. Something I don´t think I have ever done. I took a few photos of what I had in my bag today as I was going out to run some errands.
I have seen many bloggers doing this kind of post and it always made me go "oh interesting", "wow that is lovely" or "I have that too" so I hope my post will make you think something similar.

Today I wore my TheBloggerProgramme canvas tote bag that I received in mail yesterday. I love canvas tote bags as you had a chance to see in my previous outfit photos and there are a lot of them yet to come, so when I saw this one saying I am approved blogger (lol) I was more then happy. I was thrilled!
 First of all you probably get caught by my One Direction notebook. I am not ashamed to say I like 1D and I love fun notebook so the combination of these too is pretty classy for me. I always have loads of those on my mind but I always forget them as soon as I get home and I want to realize them. That is why I learnt myself to have a notebook or journal with me all the time. Then when something brilliant pops into my head I write it down. Also I have a habit of doodling and sketching and you know... the notebook gets a lot of use in my life.
I also like to have something to read when I am in a cafe or on a bus.... So having a book, tablet (with electronic book) or lately December issue of ELLE is an essential.  Plus I have been loving this issue! I am not someone who would be able to read ALL of the articles in one magazine cause I never find all of the topics they mention interesting but with this one it is completely different story. So far I have like three or four articles left to read and I think I´ll finish them as soon as I am done writing this post.
It got pretty cold in last two weeks so I make sure I done leave my house without a pair of gloves. I used to be a rebel about them and I hated them, but then my hands hated me. They get really freezed and my skin cracks and bleeds which is not fun. So I try to be responsible adult and I carry them around all the time. Unlike my dad! He keeps forgetting to take them every time. (Hi dad! Love you :D :P )
 Walet! Yeah it is that ELLE creature in the right bottom corner of a picture above. I always had a tiny little wallet (that I still carry inside this one) but I started carrying around cash and I hate when it gets creased so I thought a bigger wallet would be great idea.
Also keys! I am almost always home alone. Whenever I go out of the house I know that there will be no one coming home in next like 5-6 hours which means I HAVE to take my keys with me. I really don´t fancy standing in front of my house for about four hours in this weather.
 I get super annoyed by my hair whenever there is a tiny bit of wind. So a hair tie is basically a way of avoiding a mental breakdown. You would not want to meet me on a windy day when I decided to wear my hair down and forgot my hair tie at home. I am SERIOUS!
 I won´t be a woman if I didn´t carry my make-up essentials with me 24/7. As you could see I love my darker lips and I got into lipsticks a lot lately so carrying it around for emergency is necessity. The one I wore today is from AVON from one of the collections they did 2-3 years ago and it is colour "Coral Bliss). I have never been a fan of this lipstick but lately I got obsessed. It has this for me natural colour but does make my lips a little bit darker a more pink. Perfect shade for those days when you want to feel like you have put enough effort into the way you look but you don´t want it to be too much. And this lipstick makes your lips feel super moisturised. That is always positive.
I also got a bit bored by my Essence Waterproof mascara that became a part of me after 2 years of constant using. So we decided to take a break and I tried RIMMEL London Scandal eyes Mascara by Kate Moss in 004 EYE ROCK JET BLACK. I couldn´t get used to this curved brush for a while but now that I thought how to use it I looove it.
 Talking about beauty products... I started wearing nailpolishes much more in last few months and we all know that no matter how much you try you always somehow chip your nails. And it always happens in the worst time ever. So I always pop y nailpolish I have on into my bag so next time I take that pic of me holding something in my hand I won´t look like that rock chick from 90´s that ain´t give a f*ck.
Then phone seems like essential too. It became such a huge part of our lives we can´t even imagine not having them. And even when I try to give myself a break and I get out of the house for like 20 minutes of walk without my phone and social medias you know that THAT is the time when everyne will be trying to call me. And you know that my parent will be sooo scared what happened t me when I don´t pick it up. What happened to good old non-phone times?!
Okay, okay! I do love my phone even though sometimes he hates me. And I love music! SO carrying around headphones is obvious thing.

What do you carry in your bag? Is there anything more that you can not live without?! Maybe a perfume?! Let me know :)
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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