Trench and Coat

You either love them or hate them. Some might think that trench-coats are meant for good old Mr. Sherlock kind of men but those like me are obsessed with them and wear them like crazy! They were around for decades and they are NOT going anywhere as far as I know. Which makes me more then happy obviously.
Why am I suddenly writing about them? Because I shared waaaay too many outfits featuring this clothing piece and I feel like it deserves its own post.

Trench-coats go with almost anything but in case you are still not sure how to style it, here are some photos that might inspire you.....

How I wore it:
Who wore it:
How others wore it:
Where to get (aka my dream coat):
There are many places where you can buy them and it also depends on your financial situation. In case you ain´t want to spend too much many you can go for a store like I did. Mine coat is from TAKKO. I paid about 30 € which is great price for such a classic wardrobe piece. Then you can get them in H&M, ASOS or even PRIMARK for similar price.
I personally think that this kind of coat will never go out of style. Not completely anyhow. So investing into a good expensive and great quality one would be worth! I know that once I´ll have some spare money I would get a BURBERRY trench-coat straight away. Their once are beautiful!!!!

There are loads of other ways to wear this coat and I do have a few more pics that might inspire you over on my pinterest  so in case you are interested just go over there.

But that is it for this post. Did you get any inspiration? Do you own your own trenchcoat? Are you a endless lover of this clothing piece?
Until next time....keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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