Beauty for less

I love everything that smells nice and makes my body or hair feel amazing! And when it is super cheap I am over the moon happy. Who wouldn´t be?! That is exactly a combination that Creighton´s Cosmetics give you. I bought a few products by this brand and I am so happy with the quality and price... I had to let you know .
I have purchased a Shower Gel for 89p about a month ago and I still have a bit left. Has great scent and leaves my skin pretty soft.
The other product is a hair conditioner for blonde hair. I didn´t expect much from a hair product I paid 1 pound for but I should have. Leaves my hair soft, shiny and my blond ends are much nicer. I was hoping it would make my blonde clearer and it DID already after second wash.
I was just really nicely surprised by these two products and I definitely won´t hesitate buying any other from this British brand. Give them a go too ;)

P.S. I am NOT sponsored :D I just enjoyed them.
DeniVev :*

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