Beauty Wishes

Is it too soon?! NO! I think it is just that perfect time to make your Christmas wishlist and write to Santa or Father Christmas or Дед Мороз.
I have been thinking whether I have been good or naughty this year and I couldn´t make my mind. But my Santa said that I should make a wishlist and give him one. So I thought. I thought really hard!
And there are loads of beauty stuff that I would really like to have in my collection so I thought I´ll share with you and in case you are thinking of a good beauty gift for a woman in your life you might consider one of my gift wishes. These products are loved by thousands of women so I bet your friend/sister/mother.... would like them too.
Naked palettes are huge obsession of many beauty lovers. I don´t own my own palette yet but I hope that will change soon. They seem to be a kind of must have in a makeup collection of every woman since they are the perfect nude shadows. You can do so much with the colours. I´m telling you..Must have! You can get them online at Urban Decay or Feel Unique or get them yourself at Debenhams. They are a bit pricier but worth the money.

Every woman wants to smell perfectly so buying a perfume is never a bad step. I personally wish for a Chloe perfume. I am still not sure which one though so if you own any let me know which one is the best.

Dark lips are super trendy so owning the perfect selection of dark lipsticks is a huge deal. MAC and NARS do have a bit pricier lipsticks but they are worth every penny. The texture is always amazing and choice of colours is breath taking. I am on a hunt for a good purple toned lipstick so please let my Santa know what colours are worth getting.

Having representable hands is important in a life of a woman. A lot of information and first impressions comes from that first hand shake and look at the hand of a person. So getting a woman a good nailpolish is like helping her with a life. Every nailpolish collection should have those dark and nude colours and that is why I wish for OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland and Essie Chinchilly. They are too gorgeous not to own. You can get both of these brands in Sephoras or Superdrug stores so it is not that hard to get to them so there is nooo excuse for not getting them .

I hope I helped you with your wishlist and with a present ideas for your friends/family. Do let me know in the comment below what is your biggest beauty wish this Christmas so we can give each other  good tips.
Until next time... keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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