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It is already the end of November and we all know what that means! Loads of November Favourites videos and posts are coming up these days. And so is mine ahah.
I filmed a video for you over on my YouTube channel and I decided to make a bit extended version here on my blog.

I mentioned my fashion, beauty and a few lifestyle favourites in the video but I skipped movies, music and all those things that I always share with you. So keep reading to see my November favs from these categories......

 That awkward moment is hilarious and fresh movie with great actors, even better jokes and those REALLY awkward situations are so true and realistic. I really liked the plot and how real it was. Definitely recommend.
 I have been growing up with Daniel Radcliffe and I will always support him so when I saw trailer for this movie I knew I will watch it as soon as it is out. The plot is again really great and realistic. I have seen so many people and I have been one of them as well who felt in love with their friend. It is the worst thing that can happen. I know it is! And staying alive and staying in that friendship is one of the bravest things you can do. It is bloody hard not to loose your mind and later be honest. That is what Daniel acted perfectly. I read somewhere that this is the best love comedy since 500 of Summer and I have to agree. Even though I have seen a lot of comedies and romantic movies this is the top one.

Yeah I think that as it is the end of November and Thanksgiving is this weekend it is totally okay to watch Christmas movies now. Thats why I wanted to share three of my favs that I have already been wathcing this month....Ooopsie ahha.
Single Santa seeks Mrs.Claus is great chilled movie with my childhood crush Steve Guttenberg. I found this movie about four years ago and have been watching it even through summer. Nice and funny movie with happy endings and perfect for family movie nights.
Buddy is me in a male. I feel like we are on the same level of loving Christmas. Great cliché Christmas movie that became my must watch.
Another cliché that we all know is How Grinch Stole Christmas. This green monster is probably just as known as Santa and is another must watch through festive season. I also like that it shows to the kids that not presents are important through Christmas. Family and happiness is what matters.

 I watch Once Upon a Time since it first came out and I have been hooked ever since. Beautiful mixture of fairy tales that we all grew up reading. I love the creators of this show! They have done something I would have never thought of and they leave every single episode at such an amazing cliff hanger. Love it.

and many other songs that you can listen to HERE

Bloggers and YouTubers:
Ingrid Nilsen, Tanya Burr and Hannah Maggs. Not only that I have been loving videos that these great and well known youtubers had made. I have been really inspired by their work and motivated in a way. That is why I wanted to share these three names and say "Thank you" to them (even though I know they will never see these few words).
As you can see I share one huge obsession with all of my fav bloggers. BOLD lips! But that is not the only thing I love about them.
Carrie from WishWishWish has a great style of writing and her photos are super inspiring to me. She has this cute retro style combined with new pieces and she LOVES cats.
Sammi from BeautyCrush   has a great simple style. She wears the same colour scheme as I do which always helps me when finding an inspiration for new outfits.
Valentine from HelloItsValentine is between my top 5 fav bloggers for some time now. I talked about me loving Parisian chic style over on my YouTube and this Parisian beauty is PERFECT example of what I meant. My ultimate fashion icon if I may use such a strong words. :)
And last but SO not least is Rebecca from TheClothesHorse. This lovely red head woman was my very first blogger crush. I would say that she was a first blogger that made me think of serious blogging. And Rebecca is definitely a person responsible for my vintage style obsession phase. Still love her the same!

That is it for my November Favourites! I hope you enjoyed cause next time I make something like this it will be already Christmas. WOW! This year has flew by so quickly!
Until next time.... Keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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