OOTD: Bonfire Hearts

5th of November is know as Bonfire night. Well at least here in the UK. I still don´t understand how this day ended up being a celebration since originally 5th of November was a day when British parliament was supposed to be bombarded, but okay :D. 
Anyways, I spent whole day with Frances. First we went for a lunch, a bit of shopping, photoshooting and then we enjoyed fireworks at Sefton Park. To be honest I have never seen such a beautiful firework show. They combined music with light. Amazing job! 
On this special day I decided to go for a business at the top but party at the bottom kind of outfit. That means I looked elegant and smart because of the classic black and white colours combined with hot pink necklace that matched with my lips. But I kept it comfy and casual with leggings and my snake print sneakers. 
Primark Coat, H&M Hoodie, Cameiau Top, DOMYOS Leggings, Primark Shoes, Forever21 necklace, Deichmann Bag (gift)
I found this necklace in Forever21 the other day whilst shopping with (surprise surprise) Frances. They had an incredible sale cause you could get almost any jewelery piece for 99p. And that is a real deal since this necklace was original 10 pounds something. 
Oh and now that we are here with my comfy loves... I got these trainers/ sneakers in PRIMARK for 1 pound! I did not plan on buying them but when I saw the price I had to try them on. Somehow I felt in love with them. I wanted to make myself wear a bit of animal print and I thought that this not so obvious print is perfect transitional step. And come on! I bet you would buy a pair of shoes for 1 pound as well! 
  And back to those fireworks... I was so excited for the whole 20 minutes! I couldn´t stop talking and oh-ing and ah-ing. Just for a little illustration for those of you who didn´t see the show....
 And that is it for today. How did you spend your bonfire night?! Did you celebrate it? 
Until next time... keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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