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I definitely am not a biggest movie person, but from time to time I love to relax and watch a good movie. After some time I ended up with a nice collection of my favorite ones. One of them was added to this collection only today and after watching it I thought I have to make this post to share them with you.
There are some real girly american movies that definitely are´t for everyone. But then there are a few that really makes you think about your life, relationships and life. And then a few that just gives you a good laugh.  They aren´t in any special order so....

This is the one I watched today. In my opinion everyone should watch the movie to realize there are  loads of wonderful things in life. In can be just a fact that you woke up or that you are breathing to make you happy and feel special.
So, this is a real comedy. Meryl is a huge actor for me and the whole combination of actors in this movie is like perfection. You will laugh your heart out and also get emotional. Nice family movie to watch any time. 
Then for a change a historical movie. I have always been kinda fascinated by Second World War and I also wanted to know a bit more about that time. I did a lot of school works about this era. And combination of that with a little bit of comedy and art- that I also love as you might know- is exactly what this movie can give you.
I mentioned my love with Meryl already and I think you already know I love cooking. So it is not a surprise that I really enjoyed this movie . Julie and Julia is a nice chill out one about love and food. What is a better pair.
There is just not enough love around ... ahhah. Kellan and Mandy are wonderful pair that are trying to fight through their first days in marriage while helping with love problems of others. This movie shows that there are problems in every age of your life and in every stage, but if you try you can get over them.
Older one. This one is kinda an older brother of Valentines day and New Years Eve. Full of different people and their relationships. Makes you laugh and cry. It makes you feel so many emotions at the end that you won´t be even sure if you can get through them. And that is what I like.
Classic right?! Basically, it does not matter who you are or where you come from. You can find a love wherever and anytime.
I already mentioned a book version of this a month ago so I don´t want to repeat myself, but If you want to get tears in your eyes and see how friendship CAN be changed into love...this is the one for you. And even if the story does not end up as expected you´ll realize that it isn´t that bad as you first think. You know?!
Another family movie with Jane Fonda that is worth watching especially if you are having some family or love problems. It will teach you to get over some problems you might have and learn you how to make peace. That is always helpful isn´t it?!
Definitely movie about whole existence. How to get through the hardest stage in your life, how to stay and fight. How to stay friends. Warning! Get your tissues ready before watching. Plus- the soundtracks are amazing !  
NEVER GIVE UP! That is definitely a quote of the main character. Felt in love that is not so in love with you can be a hell.... but this guy will show you that there is nothing impossible. Plus the movie is full of funny and awkward situations so... yeah :)
And then there are two movies that I am looking forward to watch in a few weeks. First is again a bit historical from 2WW and it looks amazing! I am realy pumped about it. And the second one looks hilarious. 1 man having affair with not only more then one woman. He plays on more then three sides and you know, that never ends good.
So are you interested in seeing any of them?! Do let me know in the comments below and until next time...
DeniVev :*

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