OOTD : Meaouw

Oh wow! This week was really interesting hard for me, but I got over it pretty successfully :) I did my first part my final exams and I think I did good. 
Me and my friend Rebeka, we were nervous about how this would end (I actually thought she is going to pass out) so we went a walk after exams to let all the stress out.  
These are a few pics from there...
 And if we should die tonight
We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine
For the last time
I wore:
white GATE tank top
Blouse from KIK
Skirt from GATE 
TEZENIS tights
NEW YORKER kitty catty loafers
coat from SecondHand
Bag from LocalBoutique
  I am really happy it is Spring because I finally got to wear these AMAZAYN shoes ! YAY
DeniVev :*

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  1. Lovely photos! Hope you did good on your exsam! xx


  2. Thank you :) Yes, I think I did :)
    DeniVev :*


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