OOTD: Beige Love

I am not a big thrift shop or secondhand hunter, but I do like to visit any of these places from time to time and have a good look around. Some time ago I found this amazing vintage coat made in Italy and I looove it.
The coat is really simple to wear. You can combine it  with almost anything and you would look great. Plus this one keeps me warm enough at the evening but not too much through the day. Just PERFECT
 If you think that you are just way too posh and proud to go to thrift stores....then OK. But don´t judge others. After all they´ll might find something really cool that you will be jealous of and your head would explode :P There is always something that I find super trendy and I also find many bargains as well. Rethink your thoughts about these stores and GO and see for yourself. Maybe you´ll have to visit more places until you find something, but as you can see, It is worth!
 I wore:
Black jeans F&F
Shirt CroppTown
Thrifted coat with no tag on
probably H&M scarf 
GATE sneakers

DeniVev :*

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