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Hi you all! How are? I haven´t talk to you in pretty long time and the reason is that I am just freaking busy with school and all the exams I have to do. I am starting to feel anxiety and death nerves because of that. And I mentioned some time ago that I hate stereotype and that is basicly my life in one word. At least my life for last few weeks. So basicely I hope you are having much much better time.
I really wanted to give you a post to read but then I clicked on Wonderland Magazines website and I just couldn´t resist sharing my favs from this page. I am a kinda reader of WM for a few months now and I am always in love with photos they do with huge international stars and also with just out-coming ones.
Check out some of my favs and you´ll understand what I mean...

Starting of with my totally favourite photo-shoot. These photos were taken by Kerry Hallihan for an interview with Emma Watson and In my opinion she looks stunning on them. The lights and colours of photos are sooo me and that is probably reason why I find them truly wonderful.
erry Hallihan
erry Hallihan
erry Hallihan

Picture 22Picture 23Picture 19EMMA WATSON - WONDERLAND

Another ones are photos of Suki Waterhouse that were taken by Nick Haddow. These are black&white and still amazing. Suki looks pretty hot and I love her hair :)
Suki Waterhouse
Suki Waterhouse
Suki Waterhouse

 Probably a month ago I shared my polaroid photos with you saying how much I love that style. So you surely understand what I like about these by Justin Tyler Close of Sky Ferreira and Eli Roth. 
Sky 2
Sky 4
Sky 3

And this photo of Zawe Ashton taken by Jessica Craig in lovely. Zawe looks great. Again black&white style and oh sooo pretty :) 
Picture 2

WM is the place where I found Cara Delevigne SINGING ! Yeah 

And JULIAN MORRIS totally NAKED. What a cute guy right?!
Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 14.56.15
And that is just a little bit of the great content .... yeah


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