DeniVevs Cooking Book : Salty, Sweet and Spicy

Hi people! :) Today heres another recipe that I came out with ! YAY :D
So this time it is: POTATOES with CHICKEN and SPICY-SWEET PEAR. So if you like to experiment or try new taste combinationes, then there you go ! :)

You will need: (for two porsions)
- 2 chicken breasts
- 5-6 middle size potatoes
- 1 bigger pear
- salt, pepper, honey, red paprika, chilli

How to:
1) First you have to clean the chicken breasts, cut into 4 pieces, and add salt,pepper and paprika
2) Peel of potatoes, cut them into squares and put them into the pot with water. Let them cook until their soft. Then peel of the pear and cut into slices.
3) Take a pan, add oil and roast chicken. When their done put pear into the same pan. Add pepper, honey and chilli. Roast them until they have a nice gold color.
4) When everything is done serve it on a plate and BON APETIT :)

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