Deni Vevs Cooking Book: The BEST Chocolate Muffins

Hello people! :)
Today there is ANOTHER baking post ! What a surprise right?! :D
This time I have here a recipe for THE BEST CHOCOLATE MUFFINS EVER ! Hope you´ll like them too and if you try them. let me know in the comments bellow :)
DeniVev :*

You will need:
- 125 g butter
- 150 g sugar
-  2 big eggs
- 200 g semi-wholemeal flour
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 2 teaspoons baking powder
- 150 ml milk
- 100 g cocoa
- chocolate chips

You will do:
Firstly set your oven on to 180 celsius.
Melt butter. Take a bowl and put in flour, sugar,milk, eggs, baking powder, salt and butter. Mix it all together. I use mechanical mixer. Then add cocoa and mix. Then tale your chocolate make a little pieces of it and mix it in.
Prepare your form. You can use classic muffin/cupcake form but I like to use my little silicon forms. Fill them in with blend. If you like you can put a little bit of chilli on top , but if you are not any kind of experimenter don´t do it :D Then put the form into oven.
Bake it for abot 20-30 minutes. After first 15 minutes and then every 5 minutes you can try if they are ready using a pick. Pick have to come out of muffins clear!
When its done let it cool down and then take it out of form. Then you can EAT ! :)

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