Weekly Update : tired and excited

Hello people! How is everyone doing?!
I am having busy but great time especially because of my upcoming prom. There is so much I have to get done this week and even though I am nervous as shit (sorry for the language) I am excited and happy it is finally here :) After this friday I will be officialy a graduant. And then I´ll have to do hundreds of entrance examinations and later on school leaving examinations. Sounds like fun right?!

Anyways, I just felt I´ll share with you a few of my instagram pics.....
 And then.... Having hard and busy days isn´t always the end of the world. You just have to keep your chin up, keep calm and go on. There is always a chance for a better tomorrow.
 And I HAVE to mention this :) ... I am sooooo excited for CHRISTMAS !!! agghhh :D ahhah... i really can´t wait :)

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