Those hard days

Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to sit down and you couldn´t?! You just didn´t have enough time. Or you had so much work to do, but your day was way too short. I have those for last couple of weeks and I am SO SURE it won´t change for next few months or years. BUT there are things in your life that you HAVE to go through and you can´t change. So don´t stress too much and even if it seems impossible or crazy - try to enjoy it. You know, if life gives you lemons make lemonade. That simple. 

I also try to keep in mind this time of the year, that Christmas is almost here. Yes for some of you Christmas means stress and nerves but for me it means a joy, chill and wonderfull time with family. Thats what keeps  me going. The thought of upcoming holidays. 

This post isn´t only about HOW TO STAY ALIVE :D I also want to share a few photos of my last few days. I hope you´ll enjoy. Have a great weekend and until next time....
DeniVev :*

 And these are photos I did for my friends for my photography site: DeniVevPix

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