Trick or Treat ?!

Hello People!
 Well It seems like it is 1st of November. How the hell did we get here. It feels like 1st of September was just a week ago. Wow. Anyways I love November so I hope it will be really good one and not only for me but for everyone ! :)
And also.....what is it?! HALLOWEEN ahahh :) I like halloween especially because I get to be with my family already before christmas and also meet a lot of my relatives and friends. But of course I am in all those american traditions of wearing costumes and masks. Unfortunatelly I am not able to go to any halloween party this year so me and my friend-photographer- Meli decided to do this little halloween photoshoot. It was soooo cool and fun that I decided to share a few of the pics with you.
So I hope you like them, if yes tell me in the comments and  hope that you will  have a great halloween and go PARTY hard ! :) Obviously dont forget about the REAL meaning of this even. Try to remeber of those who past away and light up at least one candle.
DeniVev :*

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