OOTD: Miss Sunshine is in da Town

12:37 PM

How are you all doin?! I hope well. Without any pointless talking or more of writing i guess, I´d like to get to the point of this post, OK?! :) Its OOTD so let´s gooo....
This time it is all about clutches for me. I am trying to basicly learn how to wear clutch on a classic days and I am trying to do it by a little steps. Thats why I wore this classic outfit that you could probably already see me at and add a little clutch. This way I added something new to outfit I know I like and I feel good at. It might sound a bit weird to many of you, but I am really not used to wear this kind of bag when I walk around town or so, thats why I struggle with it like this ahah..... But anyways here is my outfit....

 Jeans F&F from TESCO
White tank top from Local Store
Blouse from SecondHand
Flats from NewYorker
Bag from KIK with a bit of DIY
Necklace was my mums
Well, thats all I have for today so until Wednesday I hope you will be good :) And by the way I am thinking of doing a make-up tutorial post so get ready for that!
DeniVev :*

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  1. Very fresh looking. Brave for the clutch. Love it sweetheart!


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