OOTD: Give Me 5

OLA ! :) So I didn ´t upload any post for last 4 days and I should have but, .... Oh well...let´s say I was having fun with friends, then I was sick like hell and then I didn´t know what to write about.
Now I have loads of things I want to share with you so get ready for that ;)

And today it is OOTD time so There you go.
I went to town to run some errands and this is basicly what I wore. It is really simple, casual and sporty and pretty similar to outfit from Budapest. But I love these cloth pieces so ... I mean WHATEVER :D

Hope you´ll have a good day and until Wednesday ....
DeniVev :*
 What I wore:
Give me  shirt/hoodie from NewYorker
Jeans by F&F from TESCO
Scarf was present
Shoes from Hungarian boutique
Bag from Local Boutique
Phone is SAMSUNG GALAXY mini
Headphones are sporting ones from panasonic I believe- deffinitelly try them

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