OOTD: Budapest Style

Hello ! :) How was your weekend ?! :) Mine was pretty good. On Saturday I was al alone at home, but yesterday I went for a little trip to Hungary-Budapest with one of my Bff and her family. It was really nice, since I always wanted to go there as tourist and not only as shop-a-holic. More about this trip will be in my post on friday so if you are interested dont forget to check it out then :)

This is OOTD time, so lets see what I wore....
 When you go on a trip like this you want to be comfy, right? But you still want to look good, especially when you know there will be hundreds of cute boys looking at you. And thats want I tried to do. Look good and feel comfy. Then you also need a bag that holds everything you need  but isn´t hard or too heavy to carry around. You also have to carrefuly decide what to carry in your bag. Try to keep in it only thinks that you really need like: wallet, phone, tissues, camera and bottle of water. OK you can also carry around like perfume and lip balm or so. Those are my TIPS :D
 I wore: jeans-F&F, Shirt-H&M, Hoodie-NewYorker, Sneakers-Random Store, Sunglasses-H&M, Bag-Local store-look a like of LV, Scarf-gift

So,  I hope you are doing well and haave a niiicee day :)
Talk to you in twooooo days :) Love yall and thanks for reading
DeniVev :*

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