My June Favourites

Hello ! :) How are you all doin?! :)
 I hope you are all fine. Is your summer good ?! DO you have any special planes?! Let me know in the comments bellow, I´d like to know LOL.
And lets go to todays post alright? This time it is about my favourite products and more that I have been loving this June :) Hope you enjoy and I totally recommend you to try them :)

Beauty products:
My fav products that are worth your try :)
    these are the books I have been reading receantly and they are both cool so deffinitelly give it a try

  Headbands are huge trend so why not?! :)

 Sunnies are deffinitelly must have

  Printed T-shirts are pretty big trend and I AM SOOO INTO IT :)

My fav TEA
So thats it....I don´t want to write too much about them, because I think you should try them all on your own. Hope your week will be good :) 
Next post is coming up tommorow hopefuly ! :) LOL
Love you & Thanks for reading :) XoXo DeniVev :*

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