My Little Tour Guide Through: Budapest

Summer! When I think of this word  I think of  hot weather, not going to school, having fun and TRAVELING ! I love traveling. If I could, I would spend every week of my life in another country. I also have a list of places I want to visit and Budapest is one them.
I have already been to Budapest million times before since I live about an hour away, but I have always been shopping or I went to theater or gallery. This time I was supossed to be REAL tourist and see all those beautiful sights. I always wanted to do something like this and now I finally had an opportunity. YAY. I was really excited because Budapest is absolutelly stunning city!
And I decided to make this little Tour Guide for you, so if you are planning to visit Budapest, here are a few little tips....
1. How to move around
In my oppinion, it is not very smart to walk around on your feet all day. You will not only loose energy real fast but also time. But don´t think of moving around town by car. That would be even worst! You won´t be able to find a good spot to park at, it would take a lot of time and you will be really nervous. So forget about it! Moving around by bus, tram and metro is BRILLIANT idea! It is not too expensive (Actually if you buy a good ticket, maybe a group one, you will save a lot of money. I think that it is the best to buy a 24hour group ticket.) and you save quite a lot of time. Also, I personally don´t like the idea of going around town by one of those Sightseeing tour buses. There are so many wonderfull streets you can walk around or see from classic bus. SO :)
2.What to visit/see
There are so many different sight that one day would probably NOT be enough, but these are the once I would recommend the most....
- Fishermen´s Bastion
This is a wonderfull architecture sight. Really divine! And there is also a chance to walk throught the top of this Bastion, but keep on your mind that it is NOT for free. You have to buy a ticket and they also have a closing time. But its deffinitell worth it ! :)
-Matthias Church
Its located at the heart of Buda's Castle District. It was originally built in Romanesque style and later the building was constructed in the florid late Gothic style. It is unbelievebly wonderfull Church from outside and inside. You do have to buy a ticket and be careful with time because of closing hourse but it is more then 100 percent worth it!
While you are walking along Fishermen´s Bastion and Matthias Church you will also spot LOADS of wonderfull people ;) and also other buildings, statues, museums...
Also You´ll might be able to walk along a HILTON Hotel that is not that far away :D Cool, right ?! LOL
And then you can make your way to.....
-Royal Palace
This is a HUGE and pretty builiding. To be honest I was more blown away by the Fishermen´s Bastion then Palace but it is only a question of your taste.
As you walk around you´ll be able to spot a few wonderfull and super cute cafes and also a statue of the Turul – the Hungarian mythical bird, that if I am not mistaking, is the largest bird statue in the world.
And also much more. Oh, and there is also a fountain that reminds of a Fountain di Trevi in Rome. It is MUCH smaller but it is a little bit similar :) Try to find it!
 Then it is nice to take a walk down through Royal Garden and maybe take a look on a palace from the bottom. It is really nice :) 
- Chain Bridge
Taking a walk through this bridge is so calming and nice actually. Especially if it is hot and sunny :)But be carefull there might be a lot of people riding a bike through the bridge ! :)
- St. Stephen´s Basilica
Wonderfull! I litterally don´t know what else to say :) But try to make sure you get there on time. The best would be going there in the morning at like 9-10 o´clock, so not a lot of people would be there and you´ll be sure they won´t be closing any time soon
The Hungarian Parliament Building is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings and ABSOLUTELLY beautiful !!! If you are interested you can also go and see a house of parliament from the inside.
Of course there are much more, but these are deffinitelly the biggest MUST SEE spots. And if you are planning to visit Budapest for more then one day and especially in summer time, then check out if there isn´t any concert or music festival. Those use to be wonderfull!
3. Where to eat
Of course there are LOADS of different places you can try, but I personally liked a little outdoor restaurants on Vorosmarty square, especially Cafe De Paris. They have the most delicious PIZZA I ate since I got back from Italy. Also if you want there is a famous Hard Rock Cafe. You can try that as well and the waitress are real gentlemen and so kind. I was actually pretty surprised how nice they were. There are really loads of good restaurants you should try. I also heard there is a good one next to the Danube pretty near to Vorosmarty square, if you like sea food. And if you need a coffe then I can recommend Starbucks. I know it is such a cliche, but I really am sattisfied with them. And all the starbucks in Budapest I´ve been to has a really kind and helpful waiters.
 4. Where to sleep
As I said before, I live only about an hour away from Budapest, so I never had to stay in Budapest over the night. But I have been looking for a good Hotel or Hostel a little time ago and I found out that if you are not thinking of spending a fortune on hotel then you should try and find a Hostel. Especially if you are traveling in a bigger group. They are much cheaper and they are perfect for young people. I also saw a LOT of hostels in the city center that looks good and aren´t expensive. So try those.

And thats it! Those are my TIPS for your trip to Budapest and also my little diary from last weekend. I hope it helped you at least a little bit. TIP number one about transport and TIP number four is actually helpful for almost all European cities.
I hope you are all having a good time and that you would find a time and visit this wonderful Hungarian city.
Thank you for reading.
DeniVev :*

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