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Be different. I guess that is the only way I can describe myself. Especially lately. I was always trying to get out of the crowd and be different. Honestly I guess I always was this way but still felt bad for being that way. Now that I realized it is so much better to be original, unique and something else you´d expect, I am all about myself ahah. I am happier this way. I am just me! One of a kind. 

I like a lot of different things. In one of previous posts I have mentioned how I love mix of new and old- architecture vise but then it goes with anything. Even in fashion. I like to match things I had for years and are my classics with new things. 
Then, you know, I myself change a lot. After a bit of thinking I realized that there isn´t really a certain time or period in our lives that would mean big changes for us. Since we learn and change through our whole life we are sort of a different person every single day. And There is nothing wrong with that. We become wiser, older, maybe kinder or more generous, etc.
 You have a life to live it your way and under your conditions. Your purpose is to make yourself happy. Live your life the way you want to. As long as you are over the age when you are socially and legally allowed to make your decisions. Ahaha.

I personally have always tried to do what others expected me to do. What I thought they want me to do. Also since I am one of those "want to please everyone" type of people I made life even harder for myself. Once you realize you can´t please everyone and you are actually cool with it, you are being yourself. My whole teenage years I spent at a group of people who judged me for everything. Yes that is what people do and teenagers are the worst. So me trying to do as everyone does, but being and feeling different, trying to please everyone and still being judged for everything I do, say or the way I look... Well! You can imagine what a happy teen I was.
I would normally say that whenever you are in a group of people like this or in a situation that gives you this sort of anxious feeling , you really should get out. Stop seeing those people. The are not worth your almost misery. But I do know that there might not be the possibility. Like in my case. If you are in education, a school, you can´t really leave from there just because "you don´t belong". In that case, be strong! Find people who understand you and spend time with them. Don´t stop being yourself just because someone thinks it isn´t alright. And find something to do to keep your mind off of them. Like I did. See my blog?! Yeah, this was one of the things I did to make sure I stay sane.

There are so many little things I find myself thinking of everyday. As we all do. And then I realize that I am trying to make certain decisions based on what some of my closest or not so close people would think. Then I do not like making things like resolutions. Who holds on to them?! Honestly! But I do want to make a goal for myself. If there is something I do want to change on myself this year it is to make decisions for myself on my own. Not thinking about others. 

outfit details: guess what I have a surprise, not EVERYTHING is from Primark ahaha, only jeans, roller neck, jacket and shoes. Scarf is H&M, Sweater is RESERVED and bag is THE BLOGGER PROGRAMME.

WHat do you think a bout todays post? I thought of this as first a OOTD post but then you know, when words start coming out and you can´t stop typing. Well, this happens ahah.
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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