7 Days 7 Times Different Me

I change! My outfits change! Every single day. I really can go a week with looking like a new me every morning. I have never been one of those who´d have a certain style that they shop, like and wear. I like a bit of everything and put on what I feel like. That is why I decided to make this LookBook video to share a few of my lately fav outfits that prove how much I can change through one week.
Yes the outfits are actually in an order from Monday to Friday and they all include a little story.

Monday is usually my day off. It is that tie when I don´t have to do a single thing! Which is amazing since everyone else hates Mondays ahah. It is one of those days when I feel like being pretty but comfy.

Tuesday is my first day at college where I wear my uniform so once I am out of there I want to wear something as different as possible. So I usually go over board ahha. As you see here I put heels on which is sooo unlike me, match tartan with tartan and have enough nerve to wear fedora that keeps flying off of my head.

Wednesday is a short school day and for some reason I like to feel pretty, girly and stuff. I like to go to "artsy" parts of Liverpool or museums, galleries and feel like I belong and like I am stylish ahah.

Thursday is a comfy and edgy day I guess ahah. No! I have a long college day and I don´t get out of the house to see my friends or do shopping until 6:30 or 7 pm which is evening time for me. That is why I think dark colors, layering and edgy look are perfect for occasion like that.

Fridays are meant to be party days ahah. So I thought I´ll get my lookbook me ready for a concert. I recently loved going out to listen to music, or go to shisha bar, house party or something similar to those. Having chilled but fun night.

Saturdays unlike Fridays are club party nights! All I have to say to this look is that I like to step outside my comfort zone- as much as possible- and wear something I never thought I would.

Sundays are sort of fun days. I usually go for walks, visit friends, lay with kids of my friends, spend a day with my dad, go to nandos.... Just try to refill the energy.

Do you also choose your outfits like that?! Do you have any styles that you prefer for certain day of a week?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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