Miss Lark and Mr Sefton

It has been a hard, chaotic, busy but fun and eventful week. That is why I needed a little time to zone out. So I went for a stroll to dream, relax and just not think bout reality.
After over a year of life in Lennon's hometown I know my places. I got my spots where I know I can get some new energy or sense of future.

Sefton park and Lark Lane are locations I have wrote about before. And even though I love whole Ropewalks and Georgian Quarter area, Sefton and Lark are much easier for me to get to and definitely less crowded. If you read my blog a year ago, you might remember I used to have bad anxiety in crowds. Ever since I try to keep away from them as possible. Today was one of those days when I needed to get out of the house and be between other people but not too many of them ahha.
Also I finally wore my trench-coat. For the first time this season. Yay. Oh and don´t let me start on the fact I wore a crop top with high wasted jeans! I WORE crop top with jeans! ahha. I have never felt comfortable and confident enough. Don´t know what has changed but, oh well.
 I really love this trench. I got it like 4 years ago I believe. I don´t think any piece of clothing has ever lasted me this long. It is a TAKKO purchase. And it has traveled with me to so many places. Then I kept it real simple today. I really just tried to play on that nude scale today.
 These flats from Primark became my everyday essential piece or a go to pair of shoes. Don´t know what to put on?! I´ll just wear these! They do go with anything I wear after all. Well, since I all monochrome stuff.
 I gave myself a little side fringe probably a week or so ago and I wasn´t sure about it. Plus it kept annoying my eyes. Today I decided to go all out. Got it shorter and tried to wear it properly. It is one of those piecey style ones but I think I could get used to it. What do you thing?!
 This crop top is also my kinda essential lately. It is just so comfy and since I wear high wasted bottoms all the time it goes with my look every day. And it helps my figure. I think I´ll have to go back to H&M and get more of them. As far as my jeans go you already know them.Classic Primark ones. I also had a super delicate gold necklace that I added just cause I thought the upper half looked too simple. Lastly I´ve put all my essentials in my British Heart Foundation number. You saw this bag before. This time I wore it without a strap just as a clutch. I did regret this decision after about 10 minutes but hey! Looked bit more chic, ay?!

What are your fav places to go? Have you ever been to Liverpool and any of the mentioned areas?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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