Did It Again! aka Mirror Mirror

We all do this! And don´t even try to pretend you are an exception! All women have moments when they go to a store and think "well I can at least try it, right?!". I had one of them the other day but I was actually looking for something specific.

As you probably realized I feel much better bout wearing shorts then I ever did. So I thought I´ll try to find some. I went to a store and tried on the ones I liked. Now I have this little trick. When I feel like I might actually potentially buy something but I am not 100 percent sure I just take a picture. And later on when I am trying to decide which were the best I look back at photos and I can see what looked best. Genius, right?!
So I went to stores, looking like a real tourist I might add! Tried on everything I liked. I was especially looking some some shorts as I mentioned. And I took pics of some of them as well. Now I thought I look exceptionally weird on most of the photos so naturally I have to share them.

I think I really looked like a tourist. Don´t know why LOL. So I wore Primark blazer and leggings. KIK shirt, C&A tank top, Shoe Zone flats, Kardashian bag, Poundland hat, GATE sunnies. Simple, super comfy but not the worst looking.
 Please tell me I am not the only one who does this kinda stuff ahah. And trust me that trick with taking pics of what you try on is really good. especially when you are looking for something specific and you can´t decide.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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