Birthday Gurl

Hey there lovelies! Guess what? This blondie, that is used to be called DeniVev, is turning 19 today. What?! Yea I know I look so young ahah. Kidding.
Anyways, yeah it is my birthday and I am in one of those moods where I have no idea what to do first, where to go or what to think about. Lol. Such a chaos in one little head. So I thought I´ll give you a little OOTD most today.

These photos were shot yesterday by "Moi" in a lovely area here in Liverpool. I am absolutely in love with all the traditional houses and Sefton park- my fav location in Liverpool- is right around the corner. 
 I have been wearing my NEW LOOK leopard/blue mirror sunnies basicaly every day lately so I though I´ll switch things up a bit and go with my Primark Harry Potter ones ahah. I still love them.
 It is so nice and warm here in England lately. I am so obsessed with the sun. But it is making me go out and live a bit more. I feel like it could change up completely everyday. I am almost scared that it won´n be like this the next day so I go out and enjoy the sun right a way. That is good tho right?
 So I wore my basically all Primark outfit. I never realize how many clothes from there I have until I don´t do a post like this. That means everything except for shoes that are from ShoeZone is from already mentioned Primark. Whoop whoop aahah.
 What you think about the outfit? How is your week so far? Let´s talk together! Leave a comment so I know what your thoughts are or follow me on social medias.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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