Deni Goes Green

The other day I had an incredible idea. I went to the park with my laptop , sat down and started blogging. Yes, the last few posts I wrote were those I did in the park. Cool right?! ahah, No I am just kidding. But I really did go to park and was blogging from there.
Sometimes I get that feeling like I JUST HAVE TO go out and enjoy the sun. But then I have things I want to do or write about. Most of the people would stay at home and do their thing. I didn´t!

I decided to wear something comfortable obviously. So I just putted on leggings with a tank top. Then for extra layer and some detail I wore my kimono made out of scarf and my fav sunnies from New Look Oh and I used -after bloody long time- my bag from Deichmann that I got for my birthday last yer from my dear Mouny.
 Have you ever done something similar? Are you more of a spontaneous nature or more reserved?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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