Style Crush Friday: Fashion Bananas

12:30 AM

I have been reading random peoples blogs ever since I was 10-11 and could understand what they are writing about. One of the first blogs I got obsessed with was Fashion Bananas by Delmy . Years ago I even did a quick interview with her but it got lost which I am really sad about.

Anyways.... Ever since then I loved her style and since she is curvy I felt in love with how confident she is about her feminine body. That is actually something that inspired me lately and her outfits where she actually shows her hips and butt-butt made me feel better about myself. So I really wanted to share a bit of her here and recommend you her blog.
She is a queen of heels btw! If you feel like NOONE can wear heels every day and that 5 inch heel is too high really do check out her blog! She´ll definitely prove you wrong ahah.
Oh and look at her suuuper duper cute family!
In case you were looking for any blog to read in your free you go. Delmy has been writing her blog since 2008 and I bet she is not planing to stop any time soon. Which makes me happy. lol

What do you think about this little post? Should I be doing this kind more often? I might ;)
Until next time keep safe, and lie your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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