Business Can Be Fun

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Who said that you have to wear boring clothes and colors ones you start working in business? Of course you do have to change your wardrobe a bit and calm yourself down tiny little bit but you ain´t have to become a boring mess. Trust me!
That is why I took a few snaps of what I wear on daily bases to my work where I do have to wear business/smart-professional outfits. You can also see what my favorite color choices are. Black and white are the classics for smart outfits and since I decided to add a bit of color touch to every look I went for my fav option. BLUE! Also adding a nice bold lipstick will show that you are a feminine and confident woman that has her life perfectly put together. Even if you ain´t always feel like it. ;)

Look  #1
For the first outfit I went for a simple black shirt, midi body-cone skirt and my vibrant blue blazer. Really simple and it does show my feminine curves which I am slowly becoming friends with. Added a bold silver/black necklace to bring attention away from my little belly. Covered my bruised legs with black slimming tights and made them look longer by wearing simple black wedges. Yes there is a lot of black involved but that is exactly why I added that blazer and necklace.
Primark skirt,tights, BIALU necklace, Forever21 blazer, ESMARA shirt, DEICHMANN shoes 

 Look #2
For second look I paired the same blue blazer with my NEWEST and so far favorite dress. I kept black tight on but changed wedges for flats just to be a bit more comfy. Some companies require you to wear at least a little heel but mine is okay with us wearing flats. As long as they look a bit fancy. Then I added a pop of color with my SheInside necklace that you saw billion times. This is actually outfit I wore a few nights ago for a party. Here you can see how various my wardrobe is.
 Forever21 blazer, PRIMARK tights and dress, SHOE ZONE flats, SheInside necklace

Look #3
I build whole third outfit based on my coat.  I got this piece for spring just to bring that little bit of fun to outfits like this one. As you already know I do tend to go for all black looks so putting a coat like this over monochrome clothes is the best thing you can do.
 F&F dress, PRIMARK coat, SHOE ZONE flats, CROPP TOWN necklace

Look #4
This last outfit is built on my currently fav piece of clothing that I am absolutely and completely obsessed with. THEM pants. They have a little pattern so I thought I´ll have a bit of fun and bring pattern to the top as well and to make it settle I´ll add black blazer and to make it super hot I´ll put on some heels. Why not right?
 CROPP TOWN shirt, DEICHMANN wedges, PRIMARK pants and blazer

Is that enough of a proof that you ain´t have to wear boring black suit with white button up to work every day?! Do you get what I mean by saying business can be fun?!
Good ;)
Do let me know which one of these outfits is your fav and I´ll might post a cheeky instagram showing which one I am wearing tomorrow. 
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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