Morning Sunshine

Hello! Good morning!
How are you guys?! How was your weekend?! Mine was absolutely amazing. I worked on saturday- as always and at the evening I went for a lovely dinner with my dad. Since it was my old mans birthday earlier in the week I thought I´ll treat him with a nice food. And after that I even went for a cheeky night out with my friends. I had sooo much fun. You know, it was one of those days when at the end you feel like exploding from happiness.
I actually took loads of pics - especially selfies - on Saturday so I thought I´ll share some with you. This way you can see how I changed through the day and all that.

7:00 - that is the time I usually get ready for work. The pic above is me at this time, still in my PJs and my hair and make-up done. I am getting back to red lips lately. I just love what it looks like with my blonde hair. Love it! Also the effect that my windows give to my eyes when I take a picture by them is soooo pretty! Adds so much to a simple pic.
probably 30 minutes later- on my way to work. On pics you can see that it was pretty sunny the other day so I was able to wear my Harry Potters. Also I am totally in love with my newest bag. It is the Kardashian Kollection one. So pretty and practical. The perfect size as well.
I am one of those who are too lazy to walk for 30-35 minutes to work but the thought of getting a taxi every morning is a bit scary. Especially for my bank account ahah. So I always take buses.
By the way, do you know how hard it is not to fall asleep on them?! That is why I always make sure I have music blasting in my ears. Helps me stay awake and full of energy. These are few of the songs I always listen to.
And then I just work. And work. And work.
For long hours. I actually don´t usually take pictures. Maybe a few instagrams but other then that...nope.
But I did take a pic when I got ready for a night out. I always dooo. I just love changing myself into a tiny bit night time appropriate version. I do look pretty much the same but my makeup goes a little darker, liner is winged this time and hair always starts in half updo and end up in messy waves at the end of my night out.
 I even did a cheeky purchase yesterday. I was so impulsive. Went into New Look, saw sales, found dress and bought them. Wore them that night. as simple as that.
And I had loooads of fun. In case you are planing a night out in Liverpool and want to dance your ass off go to SOHO on Concert Square. Great drinks, cute guys and amazing music!

And that was my amazing day. On Sunday I slept and chilled. What a weekend.
What have you been up to?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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