Refreshed Blonde

8:02 AM

Some days ago I retouched by hair. I felt like going slightly lighter and I needed to put my roots together as well. So I bought lightener and went for it. Now I have this slightly ombre, slightly balayange but really blonde hair. And I love it.

My hair were blonde and pretty similar before as you can see on the pic below but you know we are always the only person that sees a little flaws on ourselves. That is what I did.
And I used GARNIERE NUTRISSE Truly Blonde. It was real easy to apply and the result was real nice as well. More then happy with it.
 And as you have seen plenty times before I like my blonde to look as natural as possible so I always leave more different shades in there and I like my roots to be darker and basically my natural. Just to make it little better and effortless. 
 What do you think? Do you do your hair yourself?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.

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